Shuttle Kiln

Shuttle kilns are also referred to as batch, periodic or intermittent kilns. Shuttle kilns use kiln cars to carry the product in and out of the kiln when the kiln is cool through one or 2 doors. Once loaded, the shuttle kiln is started and it goes up to top temperature and down again following a set cycle automatically. Burners and control zones are located to give uniform firing conditions to all products. At the end of the cycle, the doors are opened and the kiln cars are removed. Often another set of kiln cars are loaded ready to put into the kiln and the process is repeated.

Linkcon Thermal Technology can accurately design and manufacture different shuttle kilns to meet customer’s needs. Our shuttle kiln is suitable for tableware, sanitary ware, technical ceramics, Insulator, abrasives, alumina balls, rare earth products, refractory materials of continuous casting and metallurgy industries, filter, clay tile, etc.

Size: 1-500m³

Max Temperature: 1700℃


Kiln Features:

  • Up to 10 firing curves can be edited to meet different technical requirements
  • Different firing atmosphere is available
  • Low-thermal insulation materials, modular steel structure
  • The firing cycle can be as fast as 2 kilns/day
  • Fully automatic pulsed control technology helps maximize combustion efficiency
  • The ultra-high velocity burners make the temperature distribution more uniform
  • Each burner is equipped with flame monitoring and safety measures to comply with EU EN746-2 standard
  • Equipped with remoted monitoring system to check the kiln status at any time
  • Automatic or semi-automatic transferred cars to simplify the products transportation
  • Through the centralized heat exchanger or self-preheating burner preheating combustion air, the temperature reaches 250-650℃, maximize energy saving

Shuttle Kiln
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